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First the mota moti:


Date: Monday, 19h March 2018

Time: 6.30 PM to 8:15 PM

Presenters: Amitabha Sinha and Suman Nair

Topic: Peer Group Coaching 


Now for all the mota mota.

What, you ask, is Peer Group Coaching? Well, it’s this way, Amitabha Sinha, a senior coach had a challenge in his coaching. So he approached Suman Nair for her advice. Now Suman, dedicated as she is to the enrichment of the members of AMC, saw this as a golden opportunity to tap into your wisdom and help Amitabha. However, if you think Suman did all this just as an escape strategy because she did not have a ready suggestion for him, that I can tell you, is being perfectly mean. Shame on you!  

Now, the good part about all this is a Coach as a “Case owner”, having an actual "case" will present it and will be coached by the group. The important element of Peer Group Coaching is to help the case owner to find his/her answers and not provide answers or solutions.

Mr Amitabha Sinha, has willingly (of course) agreed to be the Case Owner and to participate in the practice of Peer Group Coaching.  Through your sharing of your coaching wisdom, he will benefit from different points of view, take a new view of the situation and explore possible approaches with the help of a group of skilled, experienced coaches. Amitabha is so overwhelmed by the thought that he is getting so much free advice and because he believes “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”, he has readily agreed to give a prize to all the coaching suggestions he thinks are best. So, he will be rewarding the best with one yummy samosa each in lieu of lunch (or is it dinner?)! Smart guy, this Amitabha, I tell you!

Ms Suman Nair will be moderating the session and holding your excitement in check. Be careful!

The aim of PGC is for the case owner to feel supported, empowered. PGC provides the case owning coach with an opportunity to gain support, new insights and clarity through discussion with peers.

The Case will be presented by Amitabha at the beginning of the meeting so that you can know the context before the coaching session.


Spread the word and invite guests
Our members are welcome to invite guests who are interested in coaching. As you know, there is no charge for attending the first meeting. Members, who have not contributed towards the annual membership fee, may attend meetings for a nominal fee of Rs. 500/- per meeting, which can be paid to any of the Managing Committee members at the meeting.

Now don’t you waste a moment, this is your opportunity to share and learn new coaching perspectives and get new insights.

 So RSVP right now!

In case you have registered, but are unable to attend, you can email Mohan Madiman at

See you then!

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